Aster turbinellus JS® 'El Fin'

Aster turbinellus JS® 'El Fin'

blue, very floriferous

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Aster turbinellus JS® 'El Fin'



blue, very floriferous
colour : blue
leaf colour : green
height : 140 cm
leaf height : 60 cm
flowering : 9-11

planting density

number : 5 tot 7 per m2
- little groups of 3 to 10 plants (B)
- groups of 10 to 20 plants, even more (C)

Plant description

The species has rather dark stems with fine leaves, which gives the higher Aster its airiness. The small flowers make the plant a beautiful aspect plant for the autumn. This own JS® selection of Aster grows outside our office and surprises us each year with its beauty.